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Home & Home: Bouncing around the league

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Home & Home: Bouncing around the league

Fourth down decisions; the design of the Jets offense; the Mike White Experience; the Niners' defense; league-wide trends; more!

New Pod! Jon and I bounce around a bunch of different topics, including:

  • The go-for-it calls from the Jags, Chargers, and Eagles

  • Todd Bowles’ game management

  • Trevor Lawrence’s fourth-quarter show vs. the Ravens

  • What Lawrence has done to improve over the course of the season — winning from the pocket, his base, attacking the intermediate level, his decisiveness, and more

  • How Lawrence uses subtle movements in the pocket to shift defenders — and his twitchiness on second-reaction throws and full-field reads

  • Mike White’s explosion vs. the Bears

  • How much of his performance was on the Jets’ offense — its design; the players — and how much was on the Bears’ defense

  • The issues with Mike LaFleur’s RPO packages and use of Braxton Berrios

  • The ferocity of the 49ers’ defense

  • How DeMeco Ryans has evolved his group this season compared to last year

  • Some of the macro trends across the league, on both sides of the ball

  • Weird tape-watching habits

  • A ton more!

Note 1: Here's a quick cut-up for those who want to visual…

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