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Home & Home: Justin Herbert is cooking!

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Home & Home: Justin Herbert is cooking!

Slotting the 2020 quarterbacks into tiers

New Pod! Jon and I discuss:

  • Justin Herbert’s development

  • The structural issues with the Chargers’ offense — how much of that is on Herbert (thanks to his skill set) and how much is by design?

  • Movement vs. stopping concepts

  • Where Tua Tagovailoa ranks among the 2020 QB class

  • How the Chargers defended against Tua and the Dolphins’ offense, and how their gameplan differed from the Niners plan

  • What Tagovailoa, Mike McDaniel, and what the Dolphins will need to do to adjust on offense after the past two weeks

  • What lessons other teams can take vs. Tua and Miami

  • How and why Jalen Hurts is so effective

  • How to separate out Hurts from the Eagles’ scheme

  • What distinguishes (if anything) Joe Burrow at the top of the 2020 QB class

  • A bunch more

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