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Home & Home: Mocking out picks 11-20

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Home & Home: Mocking out picks 11-20

Corners! Edges! Tackles! More!!!

New Pod! Jon and I go deep — DEEP! — on picks, 11-20 in the upcoming draft. We map out what we think teams will do (and what they should do) and go into detail on the prospects likely to be available in the early to middle portion of the first round — and the positional value available between picks 11-20. We discuss:

  • Tennesse’s plan at quarterback

  • The makeup of this year’s tackle class

  • How the wide receivers stack up compared to one another and how the class as a whole matches up with the top three-three groups for the early-ish portion of the class: Edge, corner, and tackle

  • The corner class

  • The value of versatility in a corner

  • Whether or not arm length matters

  • Whether Deonte Banks could be the shocking early pick in this class

  • Picking out traits that translate from college to pro defenses

  • How Demeco Ryans plans to build out the Texans’ defense

  • How the teams picking in both the top-10 and 11-20 will map out their first two picks

  • Who will chase needs

  • The value of the interior defensive line clas…

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