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Home & Home: NFL Tiers -- Part III

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Home & Home: NFL Tiers -- Part III
Sorting through the contenders and hopefuls

We’re on to part III of our NFL tiers series, working up the rankings to Super Bowl contenders and (deep) playoff hopefuls. We discuss:

  • What to expect from Deshaun Watson and the Browns’ offense

  • Whether or not Trevor Lawrence is primed for an MVP-level leap

  • If the Jags’ defense has the profile to make the team a true Super Bowl contender

  • The Jets’ hype train — whether it’s legitimate or overblown

  • The expectations for Aaron Rodgers

  • Whether Robert Saleh can handle the off-field pressure as a young head coach

  • How much of the Dolphins’ season will come down to luck

  • If Mike McDaniel’s offense can replicate its performance from last season

  • What to make of the new offensive marriages in LA and Baltimore

  • If this is finally the year Brandon Staley can field a good to very good defense

  • Does it matter if the Chargers field a good defense?

  • A whole bunch more

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