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Home & Home: The Panic Index

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Home & Home: The Panic Index

It's overreactions week!

Week One is in the books — and it’s time to overreact! Jon and I dig into the units that wobbled (or fell apart) during the opening week of the season and gauge how much we should panic on the Panic Meter. We discuss:

  • The continuing issues with the Chargers’ defense

  • Want Brandon Staley wants to do schematically vs. what his personnel allows him to do

  • Why the Dolphins’ offense is so different and creative and special

  • How Mike McDaniel exposed holes in the Chargers set-up

  • The Bears’ clusterfuck of an offense

  • How to apportion blame between Luke Getsy, Justin Fields, the offensive line, the receiving corps, and the rest of the coaching staff

  • Why offensive football is so often about the details and less about the (fun) macro elements

  • Why so much of the Bears’ offense is structurally flawed — and why it’s just as concerning that Fields has struggled on the good stuff

  • The Matt Canada of it all

  • Why Tomlin has stuck with Canada — and how that could be the Steelers undoing

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