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Home & Home: Wildcard Recap

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Home & Home: Wildcard Recap
Dak's back; Daniel Jones' big night; concerns in Cincy and Buffalo

Highly caffeinated and fueled by the fumes of an excellent (super) Wildcard weekend, Jon and I discuss:

  • Dak Prescott’s outstanding Monday Night performance

  • How Dak’s game differed on Monday from the rest of this season

  • The same old issues with the Bucs’ offense and defense

  • Brock Purdy’s up-and-down day vs. Seattle

  • What makes the Shanahan offense so difficult to stop

  • How to slice up the blame pie for the Chargers’ collapse in Jacksonville

  • Where the Chargers should look on offense after firing Joe Lombardi

  • How Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson worked their way back into the game

  • Concerns with the structure of the Bills’ offense

  • What the Dolphins did on defense to play up Josh Allen’s brand of HeroBall

  • Daniel Jones’ ascension to Josh Allen-lite

  • How the Giants changing their identity on defense makes them a legitimate problem in the postseason

  • What lessons we can learn from the Ravens consistently slowing down the Bengals offense

  • A whole bunch more

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