Oct 7, 2021 • 55M

Podcast: The Fifth (almost) Annual Offensive Line State of the Union

Brandon Thorn joins to talk about the state of offensive line play in the NFL.

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Oliver Connolly
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Brandon Thorn (Trench Warfare/Bleacher Report/OL Masterminds) joins to discuss all things offensive line play for the fifth — almost — annual Offensive Line State of the Union.

We discuss:

  • The current state of o-line development.

  • How defenses have evolved to make things even more difficult for o-lineman, and how linemen are countering.

  • The Chiefs turning over their entire line in one offseason.

  • Rodney Hudson’s impact in Arizona.

  • The wonder of Rashawn Slater.

  • More.

You can find Brandon’s Trench Warfare newsletter here:

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