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Podcast: Eric Bieniemy comes to Washington

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Podcast: Eric Bieniemy comes to Washington

Mark Bullock joins the podcast to discuss Eric Bieniemy leaving the Chiefs to become the OC of the Commanders

New Podcast! The great Mark Bullock of Bullock’s Film Room joins to break down the hiring of Eric Bieniemy in Washington. We discuss:

  • The latest goings on with Daniel Snyder and the ownership situation

  • Whether Snyder’s pettiness will cost the team

  • What went wrong for Scott Turner in 2022

  • Philosophy versus scheme

  • Whether it matters if someone is a play-caller or gameplan builder

  • Whether you’d rather have a high-end gameplan builder or a high-end play-caller

  • How NFL staffs build out and execute a plan collaboratively

  • Some of the key principles of the Chiefs offense with Bieniemy and Andy Reid — and what Bieniemy can transplant to Washington

  • How to separate out the design of the offense from the game-breaking players — and what will be transferable and not with the current Washington roster

  • Which iteration of the Chiefs’ offense under Bieniemy would be best suited for the Commanders roster

  • How Sam Howell could feature in a Bieniemy offense

  • What would be the ideal offense for Howell

  • What cosmetic wor…

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