Dec 8, 2021 • 1HR 6M

Podcast: What is going on in Washington?

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Oliver Connolly
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*New Podcast Klaxon*

On the latest podcast, I’m joined by the great Mark Bullock (Bullock’s Film Room) to break down all things Washington Professional Football (on the field), including:

  • The team’s recent run

  • The early season defensive struggles

  • The use of three safety-sets

  • How Washington has used Landon Collins

  • What’s gone on with the vaunted defensive front

  • Is Taylor Heinicke the best quarterback in the NFL?

  • How the Washington offense has evolved; the multiple formations; the use of motions and shifts.

  • What the expectations are for the rest of the season

  • More

P.S. If you could hear my dog, Bruce, snoring in the background, I apologize.

P.P.S. I re-found the intro music!!!

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