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Talking about a new era of ChiefBall with Doug Farrar

USA Today's Doug Farrar stops by to discuss the next evolution of the Chiefs' offense

As you’ve likely seen, I’m doing a loose preseason called: The (almost) most intriguing schematic questions for the 2022 NFL season. So far, we’ve had:

I wanted to pair those with some pods from team/topic-specific experts to get their thoughts on the most essential people heading into the new season — to tell me where I’m wrong. This week, I’m joined by Doug to discuss what’s next for the Chiefs’ offense in a post-Tyreek Hill world:

  • What it means to lose the Hill effect

  • Mahomes vs. two-deep safeties

  • Whether or not the team can expand Travis Kelce's role

  • What concepts did and didn't work in 2021

  • How can they balance the RPO and their running game

  • Whether or not Reid and co. should they overhaul their base run plan.

  • All that and muc…

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