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The AFC's Pivot Players

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The AFC's Pivot Players

Lamar's new offense; what will the Browns run?; how will the Jags' offense evolve?

New Pod! I’m joined by Laurie Fitzpatrick, a new contributor to The Read Optional, to talk about players whose success or failure will dictate the AFC’s playoff standings. We discuss:

  • Why tight ends are the key to the evolution of the Jacksonville offense

  • What, exactly, the Browns’ offense will look like in year two of Deshaun Watson at the helm

  • How much of Watson’s struggles last season were about rust vs. structural concerns

  • The key to the Texans’ relevancy/competency on defense in 2023

  • What Demeco Ryans ran in San Francisco and how much can translate to Houston

  • How Kellen Moore can help push Justin Herbert to another level

  • Whether or not we should be concerned about the Bills’ secondary

  • A whole bunch more!

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