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The State Of Offensive Football

The State Of Offensive Football

Alberto Cantu joins the podcast to discuss the latest trends in offensive football -- and what's to come next

New Podcast! This one is a little different. Alberto Cantú is the author of the NFL Playbook, an annual look at the state of the game on both sides of the ball. Last year, Alberto used his founding subscription to The Read Optional to interview me for his upcoming book. It was a fun time, and so we’ve decided to make it an annual event breaking down where offensive schemes are at (in the NFL and beyond) and where they could head this upcoming season.

We discuss a whole bunch, including:

  • What we mean when we say ‘power spread’

  • Why gap-scheme runs are on the rise, and what that could mean in 2023.

  • How coaches are marrying empty formations with power-based runs

  • The merits of positional versatility

  • Why the game’s best coaches are leaning into heavier personnel groupings

  • The use of option routes — the different kinds, why some work for some and not for others

  • The lessons from Ben Johnson’s Lions

  • What’s to come in Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and Indianapolis

  • How (and why) teams use pre-snap motion and shifts in different ways

  • Why ‘two back’ football is back, but with different presentations

  • What makes Andy Reid and the Chiefs special

  • What NFL coaches can take from the evolution of college football’s best offenses

  • The top ‘league pass’ sides to watch next season

  • Lots more!

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