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Home & Home: AFC Wildcard Preview

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Home & Home: AFC Wildcard Preview

It's time for Herbert-Lawrence!

New Pod! Jon and preview the AFC’s wildcard slate. Before that, I open up with an introduction/update. If you want to skip that to get to the football, we kick off the pod at the five-minute mark — thank you for your patience during what has been a very taxing few months. On the pod, we discuss:

  • How the Chargers’ offense matches up against the Jaguars’ defense

  • Why the Jags defense — filled with zone-pressures and interesting rotations — gave the Chargers offense trouble early in the season and why it might be the difference-maker on Saturday.

  • What Justin Herbert will need to do to elevate beyond the constraints of the offense vs. defense scheme battle

  • Where the Jags defense can get in trouble

  • How Trevor Lawrence and the Jags’ offense has developed over the course of the season

  • The impact of Doug Pederson as a program builder and gameday strategist

  • Whether there’s any hope for Miami vs. the Bills without Tua Tagovailoa

  • Whether the Dolphins’ offense this season was a one-year mirage (when heal…

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