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Home & Home: Checking in on the rookie QBs

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Home & Home: Checking in on the rookie QBs

The issues in Denver; signs of light in Pittsburgh; Willis and Ridder struggling

Jon and I are back from our holiday break and we’re ready to dig into a ton of things. We discuss:

  • Denver firing Nathaniel Hackett

  • Divvying up the blame between Hackett, Russell Wilson, the front office, and Denver’s new ownership group

  • Whether or not Wilson is salvageable, what a successful Wilson offense would like, and who, if anyone, could implement it

  • How desirable the Broncos job will be compared to other potential openings

  • The development of Kenny Pickett throughout his rookie season

  • Pickett’s growth in quick-game — and how that sets him apart from the other rookies

  • Some of the issues with the Steelers’ offensive design, and why it may be hampering Pickett’s growth (and how Pittsburgh might address that in the offseason).

  • Pickett on-schedule vs. Pickett off-schedule

  • Pickett’s mechanics, feet, and eyes vs. that of Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder

  • Tennesse’s plan on offense with Willis and Derrick Henry

  • Operational issues with the Titans’ offense

  • The issues with Willis’ lower body mechanics, …

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