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Home & Home: Mocking picks 21-25

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Home & Home: Mocking picks 21-25

Late round corners? The top safety? A quarterback? What's the plan in Minnesota? Let's enter the war room

Jon and I are back with the latest edition of the Home & Home podcast. On this episode, we continue with our month-long mock with picks 21-25. We discuss:

  • Jeff Okudah’s trade from the Lions to the Falcons

  • What went wrong for Okudah in Detroit, and how much of it was an evaluation miss versus injuries versus issues with the fit?

  • What value there is at the back-end of the first round

  • What the Chargers need — and whether the draft board matches up to what they want

  • Should the Chargers focus on protecting Justin Herbert, adding another weapon or figuring out the spine of their defense?

  • The makeup of tight end class — our individual rankings, what we’re looking for, and more

  • How tight-end evaluations have changed as recently as the past couple of years.

  • How to value ‘move’ tight ends in 2023

  • The impact of the Odell Beckham signing on the team’s draft strategy

  • Baltimore’s recent run in the class

  • How teams build out a pass-rush plan and pass-rushing group, and what that means for the edge prospects …

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