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Home & Home: Mocking picks 26-31

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Home & Home: Mocking picks 26-31

Closing out our month-long mock with a look at the running back class, the tight end group, the Eagles' dilemma and more

Jon and I are back with the latest edition of the Home & Home podcast. On this episode, we close out our month-long mock with picks 26-31. We discuss:

  • This year’s linebacker class — and why there isn’t a viable first-round option.

  • The Cowboys’ choice at 26: take an offensive lineman, improve the interior of the defensive line, or look to add an extra sparkplug to the offense.

  • Why Anton Harrison is a ready-to-go tackle prospect — and why he is uniquely qualified to step into certain spots right away

  • Whether tackles should flip from one side to the other

  • Whether the Bengals should look to add another piece to their offensive weaponry or continue to invest in protecting Joe Burrow

  • The options available to the Eagles with their second first-round pick. Should they swing for the fences with a moveable running back, rebuff their defensive front, or look to add to their tight end room?

  • The impact Darnell Washington can have in 12 personnel groupings — and why he is a ‘fit’ player

  • The differences bet…

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