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Home & Home: NFL Tiers -- Part IV

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Home & Home: NFL Tiers -- Part IV
We're on to the favorites!

We’re on to part III of our NFL tiers series, working up the rankings to the favorites. We discuss:

  • The Niners decision to make Trey Lance their third-string quarterback — and a potential trade

  • Isaiah Simmons’ trade from the Cardinals to the Giants

  • What the Cowboys’ offense will look like with Kellen Moore in LA

  • Are we underrating Dallas because of the baggage?

  • Why is the atmosphere so dour around the Bills?

  • Should we be concerned about Buffalo outside of Dallas?

  • Do the Bengals have the most complete roster in the NFL

  • Does Cincy have any concerns?

  • Why the Chiefs roster is incomplete… and it doesn’t matter

  • How the Chiefs have built vs. the Bills

  • Does the Eagles defense give you any pause?

  • A whole bunch more!

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