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Home & Home: Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

The Lamar situation; Rodgers heads to New York; draft evaluations

On the latest edition of the pod, Jon and I dig through the latest news surrounding high-profile QBs and offer our evaluations on this year’s quarterback draft class. We hit on:

  • The oddness of the Lamar Jackson situation

  • Why teams that should be pursuing Jackson are shying away

  • Whether or not teams have colluded — and if they are, why they would

  • Aaron Rodgers’ impending decision on whether to sanction a trade to the Jets or not

  • Our thoughts on the top quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft

  • You guessed it: Can Bryce Young’s pocket wizardry make up for his lack of size

  • How Young’s size places certain constraints on an offense

  • What Young’s career will have to look like to succeed — and the kind of offense he would have to play in

  • Why CJ Stroud is such an exciting prospect

  • The value of a player who’s a pocket distributor first and a playmaker second

  • The untapped potential of Anthony Richardson and Will Levis

  • Why their development arcs differ, though their issues (mechanical) are similar

  • Each QBs …

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