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Home & Home: Sorting through the AFC jumble

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Home & Home: Sorting through the AFC jumble

Running through the top contenders in the AFC

New Pod! Jon and I dig through:

  • The top of the AFC — and the concerns for the top contenders

  • What’s working so well for the Cowboys’ defense

  • How Dan Quinn has evolved… and evolved… and evolved…

  • The usage of Micah Parsons and Jayron Kearse

  • Whether we should have any concerns about the Bills’ offense

  • Some of the mini-leaps that Joe Burrow has taken, and the impact on Cincy’s offense

  • Burrow vs. disguised and rotating coverages

  • What has made the Titans competitive — and whether or not it’s sustainable

  • What makes Mike Vrabel so effective, even with weaker rosters

  • If the Ravens can string together a late-season run and crack the ranks of the AFC elite.

  • The same-old, same-old questions about the Ravens’ offense — and how Baltimore can (or cannot) adjust

  • A whole bunch more

A quick note: I asked for some mailbag questions in the new chat function on Substack. I got some great questions, but Jon and I ran out of time (babbling on, as always) for the pod. So I’ll put those questions into a written post. Than…

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