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Home & Home: Stick or Twist?

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Home & Home: Stick or Twist?

Checking in on our preseason projections

New Pod! Jon and I play a game of stick or twist: Which teams have changed the mind our most over the course of the offseason and preseason, and which teams have we stuck with throughout? We discuss:

  • The news that Jonathan Taylor will start the season on the PUP list

  • The trade offers for Taylor, and where the back and the Colts go from here

  • The upside for the Steelers

  • Which team will have the best pass-rush in the league in 2023?

  • Do the Jets have any real concerns at this point?

  • Who should be the favorites in the AFC East?

  • Are the Falcons worthy of the preseason hype?

  • Has the dorkathon over the team’s potential offensive fireworks overshadowed their flaws?

  • Are we buying the Sean Payton halo effect in Denver?

  • Tennessee’s team-building model

  • Where the Bears are at in their development

  • Are you Jordan Love ‘in’ or ‘out?’

  • A whole bunch more

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