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Home & Home: Super Bowl Preview!

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Home & Home: Super Bowl Preview!

We're live from Radio Row to breakdown the keys to Chiefs-Eagles

On the latest pod, Jon and I discuss:

  • What makes the Eagles’ offense so difficult to stop — and to gameplan for

  • How the structural ways to slow down the Eagles’ base concepts — both in the run, RPO and passing games — expose a defense to allllll the other things Philly can do

  • How the Chiefs can go about defending the Eagles’ RPOs, and the lessons they can take from the Jags game earlier this season

  • What Spags will have to do to try to create some kind of chaos to push Jalen Hurts into mistake

  • How Spags should build out his pressure package

  • What impact Chris Jones can have against the best offensive line in the game — and how Spags should deploy him

  • Why the Chiefs’ safeties will be so essential to the team’s chances

  • What KC can do to muddy the reads for Hurts

  • The murky outlook for Philly’s defense

  • Why a defense needs to drop Mahomes rather than just pressure him

  • Eagles linebacker coach Nick Rallis on odd-mirror and flush concepts, and whether they’re worthwhile vs. Mahomes

  • How Mahomes has evolved …

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