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Home & Home: The All-Surprise Team

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Home & Home: The All-Surprise Team

Geno! Seattle's tight ends!! New England's defense!!! More!!!!

New Pod! Jon and I discuss:

  • The call that ended Monday Night Football

  • Our All-Surprise teams — offense and defense — for the season

  • How Geno Smith has impr

  • What has changed for Tua Tagovailoa from one year to the next

  • How the Seahawks use their tight ends to create and exploit matchups on the ground and through the air

  • The new versions of Andrew Thomas and Laremy Tunsil

  • How the Vikings are maximizing Za’Darius Smith

  • Matt Milano the cliche vs. Matt Milano the player

  • Why Quinnen Williams is having a breakout season

  • The surprise linebackers of the year

  • HUFANGA!!!!

For those who want to see a sizzle reel of Abraham Lucas (#72) in pass pro:

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