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Home & Home: Welcome to Draft Season

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Home & Home: Welcome to Draft Season
Who are the top players in the draft? What the edge class says about the class as a whole? Who can gain and lose in Indy? A ton more.

I have returned from a period of darkness and contemplation and experimental meditative exercises filled with draft analysis and opinions. So, Jon and I reconvened the pod to kick off draft season as the NFL Combine rolls into Indy. We discuss:

  • Our overview of this year’s class: it’s strengths, weaknesses, and its make-up compared to past years.

  • Whether or not there are any blue-chip, A-plus prospects — and what it means if there are not

  • The news that Jalen Carter has been charged with a pair of misdemeanor charges.

  • The composition of this year’s edge class — the depth vs. top-end talent

  • Whether players were playing in the wrong position in college

  • Separating out the scheme from the tools of the player

  • Whether or not the tight end group is as strong as the consensus initially thought

  • What viewers should track at the combine — the metrics and narratives

  • Who has a shot to shoot up draft boards in Indy

  • Who could wind up being cross-offs with a poor showing

  • Early draft crushes

  • A whole bunch more

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