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Home & Home: NFC Wildcard Preview

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Home & Home: NFC Wildcard Preview

It's time for a pressure off!

Jon and I are back with our NFC Wildcard preview. If you missed the AFC preview episode, you can listen to that here. On this pod, we discuss:

  • Why the pressure plans will decide the Vikings-Giants

  • The different kinds of pressures the teams run, how they’ve had success (or not), and they may change them up against these two specific quarterbacks

  • What Brian Daboll has done to scotch-tape together a playoff offense

  • How the Giants will gameplan for Justin Jefferson

  • How the Bucs will approach the Cowboys

  • Why Tampa’s infuriating approach to offense this season might be the correct gameplan against Dallas

  • Mike McCarthy’s job status going into this weekend

  • Whether Todd Bowles will unload all of his blitzes against Dak and company or if he can keep his wonkiest ideas in the holster

  • What shot the Seahawks have against the Niners

  • What kind of game would it have to be for Seattle to win

  • Whether the Seahawks defense has any hope of slowing down the Niners

  • How lessons from the Week 15 matchup and the game agai…

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