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Podcast: The State of Modern Defense

Podcast: The State of Modern Defense

Coach Vass joins for a wide-ranging discussion of defense in the NFL, and what the pros can pinch from the college game

On this week’s podcast, I’m joined by Coach Vass, the doyen of online defensive scheme discourse and the host of the Make Defense Great Again podcast. Vass and I go deep — deep — on the state of modern defense. Including:

  • The lack of creativity at the pro level

  • Why teams have shifted from match-three (cover-3) coverage to quarters looks

  • Why do NFL teams spot drop in split-safety, zone coverages rather than pattern-matching?

  • Which defensive coordinators have an overinflated reputation

  • Who is underappreciated

  • The key tenents of a ‘sound’ defense in 2021, at any level

  • Why teams are using ‘loaded’ fronts on late downs and sending five-man pressures on early downs

  • What college teams are getting right that pro teams are not

  • Which college coaches NFL teams should be looking to poach from the college game

  • Lots more

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