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Podcast: Rachael Hearn on Tua Tagovailoa

Podcast: Rachael Hearn on Tua Tagovailoa

After watching the disturbing scenes on Thursday Night Football, I called up athletic trainer and CTE researcher, Rachael Hearn, to discuss:

  • The NFL’s concussion protocol

  • Diagnosing concussions

  • What it means for the Dolphins to have diagnosed a back injury rather than a head injury last Sunday

  • The feasibility of completing the protocol in two-to-four days

  • The role of the team physician, the training staff, and the independent neurologist

  • What is second impact syndrome — and what does that mean for Tua?

  • The fencing response

  • What happens next

  • The state of the NFL’s protocols

  • Legal liabilities

  • What the NFL & NFLPA will be looking for in their investigation

  • The differences between linear and rotational concussive forces

  • The issues with concussion and CTE research — and what needs to change

  • A whole bunch more

A quick note: My audio makes me sound like a robot on this one. Fortunately, Rachael is the one doing the talking. If you have any questions related to concussion or medical/training staff protocols, let me know, and I’ll put them to Rachael on a future podcast after the findings of the Tagovailoa investigation have been disclosed.

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