Nov 4, 2021 • 1HR 33M

Podcast: The Evolution of the Seahawks Defense

Matty F Brown joins to discuss the changing nature of Seattle's defense, how and why Pete Carroll altered philosophies, and if Jamal Adams is any good

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Oliver Connolly
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On the latest podcast, I’m joined by knower of all things Seahawks Matty F. Brown (Seahawks Maven) to discuss:

  • How and why the Seahawks have shifted defensive philosophies since the Legion of Boom

  • What Seattle does in its ‘Bear’ front

  • How the switch to an every-down ‘Bear’ approach has evolved over the past two years

  • What the front means for the coverage

  • How the Seahawks have built a different coverage framework from their static cover-3/cover-1 days.

  • Why the defense moves so much on the back-end

  • Pete Carroll’s theory on defense as a whole

  • What’s up with Bobby Wagner

  • Whether Jamal Adams is any good

  • What Geno Smith has done and can continue to do in Russell Wilson’s absence

  • More